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About This Course

By providing Hands-on workshop to students, they will get idea on hardware components. Introducing basic electronic components, microcontrollers and evolution boards to students. In this workshop we will teach them basic working of electronic components with the help of Arduino board. By using this knowledge they can develop simple real time problems. More emphasis shall be given to hands-on (practical) sessions for better understanding.


There is no specific need But it will be helpful if you have basic knowledge on Basic Electronic Components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What web browser should I use?

The Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

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What did I get from This course?

By the completion of this have you can do simple real time project with minimum hardware

Can I have mentor support for this course after completion of workshop?

Yes.We will support you through discuusion forums after completion of course.You can discuss the problems with your fellow students also.