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Industrial Automation with PLC/SCADA APSSDC

Course Overview

We will be learning about the following concepts:
  • Introduction on Industrial Automation & its technologies
  • Electrical & Electronic symbols representation
  • Relay wiring
  • PLC programming – Ladder diagram
  • Programming concepts in PLC
  • SCADA – Introduction
  • Designing screens in SCADA
  • Industrial application tasks in PLC
  • Industrial application tasks in SCADA

Key benefits

  • Students with knowledge of PLC and SCADA, will get opportunities to work in industries like
  • ★ Automobile industries
    ★ Oil & gas industries
    ★ Food and beverage industries
    ★ Power plants
    ★ Textile industries
    ★ Water treatment plants

  • Students with knowledge of PLC and SCADA, can take up international certificate with additional training which includes theory and practical